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  • Published on 11 06 2018

As software engineers in a "not-so developed" country, we're always looking to impact in the economic area by creating great products that deliver long term satisfaction to our clients and users.

In the same spirit we also believe that more people should receive the benefits from global IT sector, specially in a market that is always looking to cover human resources shortage. Inspired in bootcamp programs in United States and considering our role in the central american society, we're proud to present Academik, our new educational branch..

After working in the IT industry for more than 10 years as consultants, employees, professors and enterpreneurs, we also identified a shortage of practical and affordable IT education, specially education focused in the resolution of real IT problems.

By using an in-hose teaching experience, we tailored a set of mid-duration seminars and bootcamps, focusing our efforts in:

  1. IT awarness and talent identification and boosting
  2. Software development programs for entry level
  3. Complementary education for people that is already participating in computer science degrees
  4. Specialized education for people already working in the IT industry

In Academik the unique constant is continous learning.

academik 1 academik 2

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