Gamma REP

With 37 years of experience in the Central American pharmaceutical market, Gamma Laboratories is a company that constantly seeks to improve its processes and at the same time preserve its recipe for success based on quality, service, and sustained growth.

Improving client relationship with technology

  • Gamma was looking for digital providers with experience in industrial mobile applications and value production through data
  • By betting on technology, the strategic management and centralization of sales representatives were sought in a single platform, which would allow sales representatives to focus on brand positioning with doctors and clients
  • During more than 100 meetings and 8 months of support, Gamma Laboratories executives shared and validated their vision with Nabenik, working as an ally with commitment from a internal unity and the quality guarantees of external supplier
  • Its new technological platform had to guarantee planning, decision-making and sales closing in real time, with traceability of representatives through route planning, geolocation, multimedia files and transactional reports with data visualization

Plannig, focus and productivity

  • Gamma's vision was implemented through a mobile application and a web command center with the latest in Java, Android and JavaScript technologies
  • After commissioning and implementing the system, Nabenik was part of the project as one more member of the Gamma technical team, guaranteeing the operation of Gamma REP 24/7 and maintenance windows with a maximum of 2 hours
  • Gamma REP became tool that facilitated the organization and planning of the sales force while confirming the focus of his efforts
  • With the correct support through KPIs, coverage, strategic plan, sales and prescriptions, Gamma REP has become a cross-cutting tool for customer relationship management
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Data Analytics


Gamma Laboratories -

After two years of operation, we can attest that Nabenik managed to turn our vision into a cross-cutting solution for digital transformation. Through the Gamma REP application, our sales and medical visit representatives increased their productivity and provided visibility of the work performed by each agent " . Gabriel Carranza

Market Analyst - Gamma Labs